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sweet treats after WLS

Let’s face it, just because we have weight loss surgery, doesn’t mean we don’t have cravings for sweet treats anymore. Believe they come around, but just because they come around doesn’t mean it has to sabotage your diet. Take a look below at my six favorite sweet treats!

How To Get More Bang For Your Buck!

And I’m not talking about money this time…I’m talkin’ about protein!

The best part about all of these snacks is that not only are they low carb, low sugar, they are filled with protein. So you can snack on something sweet while also getting full. I mean…hello! You literally just doubled the benefit of satisfying your craving!!

Why Regular Sweet Treats Are Not The Answer After WLS

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of dumping syndrome. If you haven’t…let me tell you about it.

Dumping syndrome is when you eat a particular food after weight loss surgery and it moves too quickly out of your stomach. Your digestive system releases more hormones than normal into your system and causes a host of nasty problems. You may throw up…but that is not the main reaction actually. Dumping syndrome consists of sweats, chills, dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, diarrhea, or light-headedness.

Personally, dizziness and sleepiness are my go-to dumping reactions. If I eat too many carbs, I fall asleep. Throwing up was never been a side effect for me after VSG, but after Revision to RNY I do throw up. If you don’t follow me on TikTok, you should. After my revision, I threw up pretty much everything for almost three months. I’m almost 8 months out (as of May 2022) and am doing much better.

Let’s Get On To The Sweet Treats Now

*And just so you know a couple of these links do help me earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Clio Bars

These frozen yogurt bars are phenomenal! The flavors come in Vanilla and strawberry. It’s basically a rectangle of frozen yogurt with low sugar chocolate surrounding it. It has 9g of protein and 12g of net carbs. I mean…if that’s not a win! I usually have one every other day!

Peanut Butter toast on low carb/protein bread with cinnamon

The key to this treat is to use a thin layer of peanut butter AND to use this bread!! The Sola bread is low carb and HAS PROTEIN! Each slice has 5g of protein in it, so if you have a sandwich that’s 10g of protein from the bread along. But the kicker here…it actually DOES taste good!

Sugar Free Jelly Toast on low carb/protein bread

The key to this treat is the same as above. Use the Sola Bread to keep carbs low and protein high and pair with your favorite sugar free jelly.

Frozen Grapes (Hear me out!)

Okay this one, I stumbled on through TikTok and I’ve recreated how to make it here. You take your favorite flavored grape (green, red or black) and you rinse them off. DO NOT DRY THEM. Next, peel them off the stem and put in a baggie. Once you have an alotted amount in the baggie, you take the powder to sugar free jello of your choice (I love cherry and strawberry) and sprinkle 1/4 to half of it in the bag. Then you close the bag and shake until most grapes are covered and put in the freezer. Once they are frozen…enjoy! To add protein, pair with some nuts of your choice.

Lily’s Chocolate Chips

These little suckers taste sooo good. These are low sugar/carb baking chips don’t even miss a beat. They taste like full sugar item and totally satisfy my craving. In order to put some protein with this snack, you can get a little bit of peanut butter and mix some of the chips in it.

Quest Protein Cookies

Last but not least are the Quest high protein cookies! These things are huge first of all and I can never eat the whole thing at once. Theres a ton of different flavors but my favorite is by far the chocolate chip. It tastes the most natural to me. They have 4g net carbs and 15g of protein.

Alright Folks…

You may have heard of some of these already, but hopefully you’ve gotten a couple new ideas as well. Let me finish by saying that I am not a doctor or health professional and most important to remember is that each doctor advises their patients differently. Just because some of us do something doesn’t mean it works for you. Follow your doctor’s orders and your own intuition.

I hope to see some of y’all on TikTok…



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