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Food After Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)

If you’re on this blog post right now, then we’re going to assume you have reached your solids phase. There are three phases of food allowances after weight loss surgery (which for purposes of ease will be referred to as WLS moving forward): liquid, puréed/soft, solid. These phases apply to every WLS.

Meal plan after WLS

Depending on you doctor, you were told to eat five small meals a day; or three meals and two snacks. Now, the more you talk to bariatric patients, the more you’ll notice how different doctors can recommend different ways of eating. Don’t get caught up on these differences. Instead, focus on what your doctor advised you to do.

Raw Veggies after WLS

Some docs advise against this. I personally find i do well with most as long as i chew a lot and take small bites. Newsflash. That never changes. You have to be careful, technically should take skin off. Veggies are a perfect snack to incorporate in your diet after wls.

Cucumber WLS Snack


Okay, the recipe is so easy peasy! You simply buy your cucumber. Wash it off. Peel the skin if you desire. Slice the cucumber. Then drizzle your balsamic vinagarette to desired taste. For added flavor, soak the cucumbers and let sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before eathing.

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