6 Low Carb High Protein Sweets After WLS

sweet treats after WLS

Let’s face it, just because we have weight loss surgery, doesn’t mean we don’t have cravings for sweet treats anymore. Believe they come around, but just because they come around doesn’t mean it has to sabotage your diet. Take a look below at my six favorite sweet treats! How To Get More Bang For Your […]

How to get revision wls


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When to get Revision Weight Loss Surgery

revision weight loss surgery

Revision weight loss surgery is a lot more common than you might think. If you doubt that, go look up wls revision groups on Facebook. In my experience, it’s not quite as publicized in the large Instagram community. Thus, why I ventured to Facebook…and found my tribe. As with anyone else’s story, you have to […]



Let me first preface this post by saying, I am not a doctor and am in no way able to give medical advice about anyone’s condition. Did you know I’m having Revision to Bypass? Yep, sure am. My GERD issues have increases tri-fold (at least) since VSG. Don’t get it wrong, many people have vertical […]

Transfer Addiction After Weight Loss Surgery

transfer addiction

Get Your FREE Dump & Go Recipe book! Have you noticed since you weight loss surgery that you’re maybe just a little too involved in a certain behavior? Are you drinking a little more then usual? Are you shopping non stop even though you’re low on money? Did you pick up smoking again? If you […]

2 Habits You MUST Do Forever After Weight Loss Surgery!!


Get your FREE Dump & Go Recipe book! It’s time to go over 2 MUST HAVE habits after weight loss surgery! No matter which surgery you choose, Duodenal Switch, VSG, Bypass etc, there are two actions you must always follow. They may seem minute. Not everyone does this permanently. You should though! These are two […]

WLS Regain


Regain after weight loss surgery is very possible and highly likely at some point. here’s how to fight back Start weighing your food again. Get a food scale. Get a fun water bottle and try to drink a gallon of water a day Get a fitbit like mine or tracker of some sort to track […]

Intermittent Fasting After Weight Loss Surgery

Intermittent Fasting Info!

You may have heard of intermittent fasting: 5: 2 diet, eat-stop-eat, 16/8 method. There are many different names for intermittent fasting, but mostly they all follow the same theory of having intermittent fasting periods during which it is possible to eat “normally” and “fast” periods. By reducing your calorie intake, regardless of which method you […]

Importance of habits after weight loss surgery

habits after wls

Creating a healthy character after weight loss surgery is the most important thing you can do after a procedure. Whatever operation you had, it is essential to remember that surgery is just a tool. Long-term success should be sought after weight loss surgery. Here are some easy steps to develop healthy habits after weight loss […]

A Keto Diet Must Have For Success

one item for keto success

The ketogenic diet or keto diet has gained rapid popularity. You have seen lots of jaw-dropping body transformations of many people, but what exactly helped them maintain the motivation to complete this diet? The motivation of a good, sleek, and attractive body may wear off with any strict diet plan. Many people face a sudden […]