How to Make $50 A Day With Just A Few Clicks

What if I told you a few quick clicks could bring you $50 a day? At least…

Not Another Quick Money Scheme

  • No…this is not another make money (but not really) scheme like taking quizzes online.
  • Yes…this requires a few clicks (and then some typing) but actually results in making money!
  • No…you don’t need experience to get started.
  • No…you don’t need tons of hours to do this.
  • No….you don’t need money to start!

If any of that interests you, then keep reading! I’m going to give you the low down!

Where Do I Make This Money and How?

  • The place to make this money is on a very reputable site. You might have even heard of it before: Fiverr
  • A lot of freelance writers offer jobs (called “Gigs” on the website) on here.
  • Many people and companies need blog posts, ebooks, webpages and are looking to hire freelance writers…enter you here.

But we are going to get even easier and more specific than just being available on Fiverr so keep reading.

You will be offering the super simple service of “Social Sharing”.

A Social Share Gig is sharing a client’s link/article/post on social media platforms.

Told ya…..easy peasy

Now let me help you get started.

Do you need experience/ or What You Need To Get Started

  • Lay down the foundation.
  • Give examples and share your experience.
  • Use emotions to keep the reader engaged.

Best Tips to Get started on Fiverr

Here is the meat of your post. You’ll break down the problem into a list of easy to accomplish steps to help your reader.

1: Set up an account on Fiverr

Click the image below to set up your account, then come back here to continue. It’s simple and free.

2: Create Gig

  • After you create your account, click “Gig” on the top menu.
  • Then click “Create New Gig”
  • The page is self-explanatory but if you need help, look up other “social share” gigs. Don’t copy, but you can sort of model your’s like others.
fiverr social share example

3: Create 3-5 Social Media Niche Accounts

  • Create 5 niche pages on each platform: Viral, Fitness, Tech, Money, Funny
  • Create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Make 5 Pages for the niches on each social media platform
  • 5 X Facebook Pages: Pages are quick and easy to create
  • 5 X Twitter pages: Set up 5 different emails to set up new accounts
  • 5 X Pinterest pages: Set up 5 different emails to set up new accounts
  • Key Advice: You Can still sell this gig even if you only have 5 followers on these new accounts. Anyone can do this. What counts are the shares.

4: Share On Your New Accounts

  • Find related posts and articles online for each niche and share 5-10 posts on each account for each niche
  • This makes your pages desirable for this gig

5: Make Money

  • Once you have your gig listed, you just need to promote it and accept the new orders!

If you are interested in more ways to make money working from home, check this out! I give you the low down on how to make big bucks time after time all from your own living room!!

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Making Money on Fiverr

  • There you have it! A super simple way to make extra cash every day!
  • It literally takes a few clicks and not much time especially considering the return.
  • I run a few successful work from home businesses. If you are interested in making even bigger bucks, check out my guide here.

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