Top 5 Best Reselling Secrets to Make Loads of Cash

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Reselling Secrets

Working from home is probably at the top of the list fro many stay at home moms. I know blogging is all the rave today, but what if you’re not a writer? What if you don’t want to learn the techy stuff to make money on a blog? Don’t worry about not fitting into the blog phase. If you’re looking for a fresh idea you have come to the right place.

Working for yourself

Lets be real for a minute. Every work from home job will take a great deal of commitment. You will be your own boss. You will need to make a schedule and keep it. Nothing great comes without work. You’ll be in charge of the accounting, marketing, inventory, etc. Don’t let that scare you though. With the right organization, you can master your business.

What is Reselling?

reselling products is a fairly common practice. If you’ve ever been to a flea market, that’s a prime example of a reseller market. Reselling products can come in many different forms though. Not everyone wants to , or in the case of some moms, can make the time to price, pack and spend hours at the flea market selling items. Much less the time you have to spend to actually find the products to resell.

Where can you resell?

You can resell products in a plethora of places. For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to mention my favorites. I have sold on amazon, ebay, facebook marketplace, etsy, Mercari, Letgo. Ebay is by far the superior selling site. they have great customer service for the seller and buyer. Their merchandise is put in front of a multitude of crowds from all sorts. This makes it much more likely that your item will sell.

Where to find products to Resell

There are actually numberous places to find items to resell. Like the options are endless. Let me share a few with you:

  • Garage sales
  • Flea Market
  • Thrift stores
  • Overstock warehouse
  • Clearance racks during major sales at any stores
  • Items at your house that you don’t need, want or use anymore
  • Auctions
  • Storage auctions
  • Estate sales
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon pallet returns
  • walmart liquidation pallets

Here’s the Catch Though…

Finding the items can take some time to catch on. The goal here is to make the most money with the least amount of effort. Don’t forget that. Buying and selling will have a learning curve. You will have to try out each kind and see how you do. You will need to keep track of your success and measure each against each other to find which places are most profitable for youto buy from and which are most profitable to sell from. There can actually be more to it then you think. This is why some people start this but never get anywhere with it and quit.

I have proven steps

I have been reselling items for about 10 years. Blogging is my hobby and one day I hope to make enough money on it to retire from all other business (because I love it) but I make my money while being a Stay At Home Mom reselling products in various ways, in the mean time.

I actually even came up with a step to step guide to take out the learning curve for you. Over the years, I have had numerous moms ask me how I do this and stay successful. I even have an LLC (you could have a sole proprietorship or LLC), and business bank account; so, even though I’m a stay at home mom, I still report my own income! It’s been the most liberating thing I’ve done while staying home with the kids. I am a mom boss! And you can be too! I have compiled an ebook with the BEST sources, and techniches, to buy from and explain how to find the best items. I also explain the best way and places to resell the items.

I have taken all the guess work out of this for you. Instead of losing tons of money and time buying products that don’t sell; or, paying too much and not successfully reselling to the right market, let me guide you.

If you’re interested in other ways to make money from home check out this post.

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