How to get revision wls


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When to get Revision Weight Loss Surgery

revision weight loss surgery

Revision weight loss surgery is a lot more common than you might think. If you doubt that, go look up wls revision groups on Facebook. In my experience, it’s not quite as publicized in the large Instagram community. Thus, why I ventured to Facebook…and found my tribe. As with anyone else’s story, you have to […]



Let me first preface this post by saying, I am not a doctor and am in no way able to give medical advice about anyone’s condition. Did you know I’m having Revision to Bypass? Yep, sure am. My GERD issues have increases tri-fold (at least) since VSG. Don’t get it wrong, many people have vertical […]

2 Habits You MUST Do Forever After Weight Loss Surgery!!


Get your FREE Dump & Go Recipe book! It’s time to go over 2 MUST HAVE habits after weight loss surgery! No matter which surgery you choose, Duodenal Switch, VSG, Bypass etc, there are two actions you must always follow. They may seem minute. Not everyone does this permanently. You should though! These are two […]

12 Delicious And Healthy Dump And Go Recipes

dump and go recipes for weight loss

Meal prep doesn’t always have to be a day long, laborious thing. Find your -ish with it. My ish is finding quick, easy and healthy recipes and I’m sharing with you!

2 Habits You MUST Do Forever After Weight Loss Surgery!!

2 habit after weight loss

2 habits you MUST DO to be successful after weight loss surgery

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Hi Bari-Moms! Here in the Bariatric Moms Group we are all about finding our -ish in life! The best way to come up with your own ish is to study other methods, combine it with what works for your lifestyle best and VOILA! You found your ISH! I’m compiling super new and fun tips for […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Meal Planning

beginner's guide to meal planning

If you have never really done meal planning before, you may not realize the importance of it. This one step, as simple as making your lunch the night before, or doubling a recipe for leftovers, will change your bariatric momma life! Cooking my family a meal like Alfredo Penne, for example, could leave me open […]

Top Items Needed for the Pre Op Liquid Diet

pre op liquid diet

Get your free Dump & Go Recipe book here just for visiting!! And get your name on the reminder list for my memoir release date. A book diving into my weight loss surgery AND revision to bypass, sobriety, and losing an 18 year friendship. Since you have decided to invest in your future with weight […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Being an Accountable Bariatric Mom!

bariatric mom life

The Beginner’s Guide to Being a Bariatric Mom and Living Your Best Life!