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Well…this looks nice doesn’t it???

Are Work From Home Jobs For Moms Real and Profitable?

Ahhhh, to be the work from home mom…

How great would that be to actually find that job that lets you mom the way you want, take care of the house the way you want, and work the way you want

Hot dog! You have stumbled on the perfect post if that is your goal!!

I have researched work from home jobs for moms ever since I became a mom (circa 2006).

I’ve worked from home off and on for years! There are so many options to make it happen. Of course different personalities mesh better with different options. You have to choose the one that suits you and your situation most. I’ve tried soooo many! Believe me! I seriously want you to do this and do it well! I want to share work from home jobs for moms that will ACTUALLY make you money!

Forget About These!

Sure there are lots of different options on different posts; such as taking surveys. Ugh. Forget that one. You are not going to contribute to the household income by taking these surveys on the sites that promise so much cash.

Cash back apps. Listen, I love these apps. I have a couple on my phone I use very often. Do they contribute? Sure. Sometimes we get $10 towards a movie ticket, gas or a dinner out. This most likely isn’t going to increase your household income though.

Let’s Get Real First

Ok, let’s face it. Working from home can be great for the mom boss ready for it but it’s not going to be all rainbows and butterflies. It may not always be the picture referenced at the top of the post lounging on your couch. You will be busy. Your hours will not be the standard 9-5. You will be home with the kids a lot more. Make sure you face the differences long term between working outside of the home vs in it. If this is something you are ok with, or like me, are all for it, keep reading.

This Isn’t Just Another List Post. I’m Here to Help & Inspire You

I see so many moms like me that just want to be it all and do it all while living the mom dream life. I’m not interested in just making another list for you. I’ve collected information for jobs I have personally done at one point or another as a work from home mom. I believe in these options and am really routing for you.

  • “This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

11 Best Work From Home Jobs For Moms

So here goes. This is what you came for. Again, I could rattle off tons of work from home jobs (or ideas shall we say) but I am really trying to pass on strategies that work. I would love to even hear back from anyone reading this article at some point and hear of success stories!

1: Etsy

If you have a crafty side at all then Etsy might just be your ticket to extra cash. It’s true that you can sell crafty items in a few different places but you will be much more successful on the Etsy platform. This is THE place people go when they want handmade or crafty items. I sold essential oil rollers on Etsy for a good while. I only stopped because I wanted more time to focus on blogging. I’m not the craftiest person by nature but I did very well on this platform. The items sold there are endless: scrunchies, essential oil items, self-care items, clothing…the list goes on and on.

2: eBay

eBay is another selling platform that is very profitable. You can sell crafty items here as well but this platform is different in that you are basically reselling items. The items can be new or used. Of course, you have heard, that you can sell your own unused items here; or even clothes you or your kids phase-out of but that won’t last forever. The way to work eBay for a continuous income is to constantly be on the hunt for items super cheap that you can resell. I have sold on eBay for yearrrrs off and on and do VERY well with it!

If you want the 5 crucial tips to sell on eBay for continuous income get my ebook here. Let my 10 years of experience save you all the trial and error to zoom right into success and income!

3: Start A Mom Blog

Now I know most articles show you a picture of a woman sitting with her laptop on the beach working but get that out of your head. Most of the time, you’re in your own house. Now, if you grow your blog, you may end up being able to actually work from the beach; but for now, just look at this as another great work from home job for moms.

more like this…

Blogging is great because it can be about a multiple of things. You definitely want to pick a profitable niche though. Don’t think you will start journaling your feeling or thoughts on subject matters and instantly become rich. Uh…no. You will have to put in the work, but the amazing thing is, the schedule can totally work around your home life.

I’ve taken tons of courses on blogging and have done tons of research. There are definitely things I have figured out through this process that work, and others that were a waste of time.

This is a great work from home job for moms because it costs very little to start up.

You will need to start by picking a hosting company to host your website. It’s very inexpensive! I have a few blogs and have tried a couple different hosting companies as well.

If I had to recommend one I’d tell you to start with Bluehost. I actually have a link you can click on below to get a SUPER CHEAP deal to get started. For, literally, a few bucks a month you can start the process of making money. You can make money with ads, courses, services, printables, and affiliate marketing (our next topic).

If you feel like you need help starting your blog, Suzi has an amazing class I used myself. It was a great tool for a startup.

4: Market Affiliate Products

Marketing affiliate products, if done right, can rake in loads of money! I actually took an awesome class from Carly Campbell through her site https://www.blogginglikeyoumeanit.com/courses. Be sure to click the link and check it out if you are interested in doing this and doing it right. If you have any kind of sales background you can create sales pages to promote or a blog to promote products and basically build a PASSIVE Income. How great is that?? You can literally make money while you sleep!

5: Freelance Copywriter

Being a freelance writer comes with all the perks as well. All you need to do is market yourself and do the work. Boom, work from home job.

Okay, okay there is definitely more to it then that but if you have a knack for writing and you want to work from home, this is definitely a path you want to explore. I am a freelance copywriter as well. You don’t need a degree to do this, but you do want to do your research.

Again, I took many copywriting classes. The one I feel taught me the most and really prepared me to start my freelance writer career was by Elna Cain. It is super affordable compared to other classes. I highly recommend this course.

Lastly, in this field, your portfolio is your resume. If you don’t have the time, money, or know how to create a website portfolio (view mine here), I have an amazing proven trick to make a portfolio completely FREE and Professional looking! This is the type of portfolio I started with! I couldn’t believe it actually worked at first but it did! And I’d love to share it with you!

6: Childcare Service

There are many ways to advertise childcare services. The great thing about becoming a child care provider is that you can look for the situation that best suits yours. You can look for jobs on Facebook, care.com, sitter.com and much more. You can look for jobs that are during hours your kids are at school; or, you can find options that let you watch the children at your home. I did this when my two children were small. It was a lucrative way to be home with my babies and even had a little playmate for my youngest. It was a total win-win.

7: Editor

If you have an innate nature for proper grammar and enjoy reading then this might just be your ticket to a work from home job for moms! You can work as a freelance editor through Fiverr and Upwork to name a couple. Simply set up profiles on each platform and list the services you offer. Another site to look for editing jobs is problogger.com

I work as a blogger and freelance writer and still look for and apply to jobs on problogger.com

You will want a portfolio for this line of business. Usually, writers have website portfolios. This is basically your resume. I have one as well now but I didn’t start that way. I have a really simple and FREE way of making your portfolio if you’re just starting out!

8: Flea Market Vendor

I’ll be a part time flea market vendor for the rest of my life most likely. I grew up watching my parents do it and I’ve done it all of my adulthood when in need. My grandmother actually did it full time for years and reserved a full time spot. This is actually one of my fave ideas. This is a lot like eBay and etsy combined when it comes to products to sell. You can take your kids with you on the week days to thrift stores and estate sales to find great items for cheap to resell. You can also spend the week getting your items made or ready if it’s a crafted item you are selling.

I actually have a friend who sells her chickens eggs at the flea market. I have another friend who grows certain plants and sells them there. They make a good amount of money each weekend.

Your main days to work would be either Saturday or Sunday (since most flea markets are weekend things) or both days if you’re really ambitious. What’s great is that it doesn’t come in between your weekly schedule with your kids. You can go alone on the weekends and leave the kids with the hubby (selling times are usually 7am-2 or 3pm) or you can bring your kids with you with some of their toys they can sell themselves! My kids love to do that.

My oldest, a slime making connoisseur makes slime packs and sells them when I go. It’s fantastic to watch.

My husband is always finding tools and electronics at deals to resell and we go about once a month to resell these items. We probably always will.

After years of trial and error, I have a handful of other ways to find products to resell. These products can come cheap and are great to resell! These are my secret weapons. If my copywriting or blogging is having a slow month, I go to these few things, find some items, and go resell for a quick 1-3k for the month! I have an ebook of my secrets available if you want for sure ways to make 1k or more in a matter of weeks off reselling products!!

9: Sewer/seamstress

Do you know how to sew? Why not put it to good use and make some money off of it. When I was young, my stepmom worked from home as a seamstress. She worked with a local dry cleaning company and did any sewing requests. She worked as a stay at home mom doing this for years.

You could also so things and sell them on Etsy, eBay, or at the flea market. All of those platforms would work well.

10: Accountability Coach

This is probably the job that takes more to the “just right” kind of situation to work. Being an accountability coach can focus on life coach, diet or fitness accountability coaching. If you already have a decent network around you, that would make your start up much more profitable. You could network with local gyms and leave your business cards with them. Announce it on your social media and work on word of mouth.

This is definitely a field that is for a specific target group but if you are passionate about it, you can make it successful!

This is a service I have offered since my weight loss surgery but it is the slowest growing business out of the few I run. I’m sure with more dedication, I could grow it quicker. It is very full filling to say the least.

11: Work From Home Hosted By Companies

There are more work from home jobs for moms that are hosted by an outside company if you’d rather take that route. you can look into becoming an at-home travel agent, social media management, virtual assistant, or at home customer service (with companies such as arise). Any typical google search for “at home” will bring up multiple companies hiring.

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Work From Home Jobs For Moms

  • You are your own competition. You literally just need to pick a plan and do a few things each day towards working to creating your work from home business.
  • Anything I share is a business I’ve done and it was successful.
  • If you have any questions feel free to comment.
  • I’d love to hear success stories!

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